Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Leroy King Carousel

The Leroy King Carousel is one of those old carousels that I love. I love the craftsman ship in the animals. The Leory King Carousel has a great history. It was constructed by Charles Looff in 1906 and was to be installed in San Francisco but wasn't because of the 1906 earthquake. It was installed in Luna Park in Seattle in 1907, moved to San Francisco's Playland-at-the-Beach in 1913, stayed there for the next 60 years. Put in storage in by a private collector in New Mexico and stayed there for 11 years and moved to Shoreline Village in Long Beach in 1983. Finally it was purchased by the City of San Francisco in 1998 and fully restored and opened at Yerba Buena Gardens in 1998:

The Carousel is so cool and I am glad that we have a living pice of history in San Francisco.


  1. There's always something magical about carousels. My little boys love going on the carousel. Thanks for sharing your cool carousel photos. #BlogCrush

  2. ...what a gorgeous carousel! It's nice to see other animals in addition to the horses. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a Colorful, Classy Carousel.
    I really like those little carriages with winged creatures . . I don't remember every seeing one like that before.

  4. Wow! Love it! Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More and sharing this wonderful piece of history!

  5. What a beautiful collection of painted horses! I could take hundreds of photos of them!

  6. I love old carousels - they were a real art form


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