Sunday, March 22, 2020

Music Monday: Early MTV Staples

Music Monday: We have a Shelter In Place here in the San Francisco Bay Area and to be honest it is interesting. The last couple of days I have been waking up at my normal time (4:30 am) and going out to the couch and watching MTV Classic. It jarred my memory and these songs I remember as staples on MTV way back in the day:

Interesting how one's memory gets jarred. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to everyone during this health crisis.


  1. Oh boy, I have to admit my favorite one is, "Sweet Dreams"! Wow, those were the days for sure when that one came out! haha I never heard of the Rolling Stones tune either. Man were they young in that video for sure. Madonna? Sorry I don't like anything about her... especially NOW! Thanks for all the info and a great time! May you & yours stay healthy & make it through these tough times. hugs

  2. All these are good, but "Steppin' Out" is a particular favorite. Good list.

  3. Very nice selection, including an old favorite of mine "Lawyers in Love", who, since you wrote this, has been diagnosed with coronavirus. But enough of that sadness - let's escape into music.

  4. Patrick,

    Just so you'll know the volume setting on all of your videos are turned down super low. The only way I can access the control is to make each video full screen, too.

    Alrighty now on to your song picks. You have a great set here. I was thinking while I listened to Madonna 'Lucky Star' how it was her tunes played almost non-stop on the radio back in the day. Her mewsic really makes you wanna get up to dance, doesn't it? Stay safe while wade it out through this virus war. Sending prayers your way for you and yours to remain healthy. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend!

  5. Great songs, all of them😸Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞


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