Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Murals at Les Problems Details

 I was driving in Oakland and I saw these amazing murals on this business. The business was a detail shop called Les Problems Details. The murals depict the Disney Show, The Proud Family which was a favorite of my kids when they were wee little and ran from 2001 to 2005:

Whoever did this did a wonderful job and I was lucky to have been driving by to see them.


  1. Dude of dudes! HELLO MY FRIEND! I'M baaaaaaaaaack!!! :) Love the murals too! Thanks so much for sharing. I was in Oakland once when I was 14. We were seeing my brother off. He was in the Navy & they were going to Viet Nam, but his ship was just a supply ship they never touched land. Just off the coast. Whew! So my friend, I'm back, but still working on my blog, but I'm open for business. hahaha Come see me if you can! Be safe, be well, and most of all be happy! hugssssssss This is my link for now.
    It's not finished, but I'm workin' on it as I said. Cathy has been helping me so much. God bless that lady! Hope to see ya & hope all is well with you & yours! HUGS

  2. Maybe because I don't have children, I know nothing about these murals or the characters. They are certainly well done, though, and it was a very lucky find on your part.

  3. Nice find, but I've also never heard of the "Proud family cartoons", but they are very cute.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals, have a lovely week :)

  4. Ha, super fun murals! Thanks for sharing!


  5. He certainly nailed the characters and their expressions. I've never heard of the show but I'm getting Footrot Flats vibes (Kiwi movie)


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