Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Grounds of the Legion of Honor

 The Legion of Honor in San Francisco is one of the great museums in country. It opened to the public in 1924. It is part of the Lincoln Park Golf Course as the tenth green on the course backs up the side of the Museum:

This tree was planted by French Gen. Joseph Joffre. Joffre was the Commander-In-Chief  of the French Western Front at the start of World War I through 1916. The tree was planted in 1922:

And the rest of the grounds is beautiful:

Commemorating the arrival of the Japanese Naval Ship to come in the San Francisco Bay in 1960

Rodin's The Thinker

Being on a hill in San Francisco, there might be a view or two:

The Legion of Honor is a special place and I know I will be spending more time there as it is back open:


  1. Those are gorgeous grounds, and even more amazing views!

  2. That's great it is back open. How beautiful!

  3. Those Rodin's are everywhere! There's one in Singapore too.

  4. Beautiful grounds, Patrick! I really enjoyed reading the history! I love seeing old trees and learning when they were planted, too. That is so cool! Thanks for linking with me.



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