Sunday, May 16, 2021

Music Monday: All Stripped Down

 Music Monday: Just some of my favorite unplugged versions of songs:

Hope you enjoyed these gems and I hope that you have a wonderful week. 


  1. Patrick,

    You shared an excellent song line up with these fabulous oldies. That seems odd to call these tunes old. :) Thanks for joining the 4M dance party, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

  2. HELLO MY FRIEND! How are you? Great I hope! Yep, it's me XmasDolly in the flesh. How have you been? I hope great as usual. I love your tunes here. Cindy Lauper's Time After Time was always a favorite of mine, and speaking of favorites many of these are in one way or another Pat Benatar's tune "We Belong.." absolutely a favorite tune & I'm sure you knew her guitar player was her husband, right? So cool, REM nice choice, and Mariah Cary in her early days was absolutely phenomenal this tune is not as much advertised I don't think, but WOW, I love it & thanks for thanks for sharing this one. Great video. Take on me nice song, but I never heard this video before or ever heard of this guy. Nice video. Eric Clapton cannot do anything bad & this tune is a favorite of mine. He may have wrote it for his little boy, but I think of my little girl every time I hear it and shed a tear or two. Yep, I lost my Angelina Anne Marie back in April of 77' of Crib Death. She stopped breathing in her sleep. OMG It's the worst hardship a parent could go through losing a child. It's not suppose to happen ya know what I mean. Thank you my friend. It was time to think of my Angel anyway. God love ya my friend & have a great day. Be safe, be healthy and most of all "BE"! HUGS

  3. Nice selections. The "unplugged" format makes those with actual talent shine. I especially enjoyed Cyndi Lauper and Pet Benatar.


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