Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Look Around from Seattle from The Space Needle

The Space Needle from the ground 
The Space Needle in Seattle was built for the 1962 World's Fair. To me (and I lived in the area for two years) it is a tourist trap but that is just me. It is 604 feet up and you get up to the top via elevator. It does give you some amazing views of the city of Seattle:

The Puget Sound from the Space Needle
Century Link Field-Home of the Seattle Seahawks

The top of Key Arena
This picture was taken from Chihuly Gardens and Glass. I was trying to get the Space Needle with the sculpture inside the Gardens. Guess what my next blog will be about.

The views of Seattle are great from The Space Needle. I just wish the sun was out when I visited it.


  1. Gorgeous views!
    ...Is the sun ever out in Seattle?

    1. Every so often. It was out the day after I went to the Space Needle.

  2. I now want to book my next flight to Seattle!


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