Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pike's Place Market-Part II

Pike Place Sign during the day
As I said yesterday, there is more to Pike's Place Market other than the first level. Some of the things (and most interesting) I like are on the second and third levels and in the adjacent building to Pike's Place Market:

Inside the second level
In the window of Sweetie's Candy
I thought this was cool
And I found a cool bookstore on the third level called BLMF:

Inside BLMF
Got to love the book selection at BLMF
And right as you enter the Market they have a cool place called First&Pike News. It is a real-life newstand:

Look at all the titles
Got to love it
Finally, Pike's Place has the one of the top five germiest tourist attractions in the world in the Market Theater Gum Wall. People have been putting their used pieces of gum on the wall of box office of the theater and have been doing it since 1993 (No I did not put a piece of gum on it). Parts of wall are covered several inches thick and it 15 feet high for 50 feet:

Some of the gum wall


  1. Hahaha!! WOW at the gum wall! Disgusting, but neat all at the same time, lol! With Kindles and iPads consuming us, it's refreshing to see a real live news stand! Thanks for sharing Patrick and thanks for linking up...have a wonderful day!

  2. Enjoyed your pics. Thanks for sending me your link! Isn't Seattle a great place to visit? I hope that we get a chance to visit again one day soon.


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