Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cal Day 2013

I am taking a break from the Seattle stuff to present something that I went to yesterday (4-20-13). It  was Cal Day. It is an event at the University of California at Berkeley when the University opens their doors and shows off what it has. It was great as I was able to take my teen-age son and show him what Cal has to offer. Even if he does not go to Cal, he has an idea what college has to offer both in fields of study and other areas of college life:

People walking around the different booths along Sather Lane
A little entertainment 
Gumby was there
Got to love the Blue and Gold Gummy Bears
My 15-year-old son bought this hat. Interesting
Mugs done by Nathan Ring in the art studio at Cal
A Cal student group
Liquid Nitrogen at the Physics table
The Design Engineers swing
Loved this piece of baseball art at the Art Major table
The Antlers doing a sound check before their concert in Memorial Glide
Cal Day was really cool and educational for both my son and I. It is a little look at college. The one thing I really liked was that they had professors from some of different majors telling people what will be expected of them once they hit college.

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