Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Icon of Science Fiction at EMP

Besides music EMP had a section called Icons of Science Fiction which was really cool. I enjoy seeing things like this. Also, they had a section for horror movies which was pretty cool, even though I am not a horror movie fan. What surprised me was that out of the 100 greatest horror movies they had listed, I had seen 35 of them. Anyway, here is what I saw:

Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet
Captain Kirk's captain's chair with Trebbles
Yoda's pendent and walking stick from Star Wars Episode V and VI
Rifle used in Men in Black
Imperial Dalek from Dr.Who in 1988
Gill mask from 1956's Creature from the Black Lagoon
Jack Torrance ax from the 1980's The Shining
Xeno morph alien from 1979's Alien
Scavenger Demon from 2005's Constantine
This was a cool bonus to see at EMP. Loved it.

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  1. How cool is that! My favorite and by far the scariest...the ax from the "Shining". Can you say..."I'm baaack", lol! Thanks for stopping by and linking up Patrick...have a blessed week!!


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