Friday, September 12, 2014

From My Phone-Random Stuff

Jolly Green Giant Phone
Here are some more photos off my phone. Geez, I take pics of such random stuff:

L.A from the sky

Two of my bookshelves at home
Got to love it. A soda for all
Part of Oakland's Lake Merritt
Protestors outside the State building in San Francisco
Street Musicians at U.N. Plaza in San Francisco
One of my favorite things- A ice cream cookie sandwich from Sweet Dreams in Berkeley
If I ever get a Tattoo, It would be of him

Hope you enjoyed the look of the stupid stuff I take pics of.


  1. Duff energy drink, that's pretty cool! My husband is a huge Simpsons fan.

    1. I saw that and thought it was cool also. I love the Simpsons.

  2. I haven't thought of the Jolly Green Giant in a while. Great photos - and I want one of those ice cream sandwiches!

    1. I thought it was cool-I haven't thought of him either. Those Ice Cream sandwiches are the best.

  3. What fun things! I enjoyed looking at your pictures and they made me smile. Thanks for linking up at Fulfilled Fridays last week. Hope to see you again this week!


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