Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Am I a Secret Aussie

2015 Women's FIFA World Cup Shirt

I am just womdering if somehow I am an Australian somehow. LOL. I have always been interested in the country since I was a little kid. When ESPN was in its infant years I used to watch Aussie Rules Football and still do when it is on. When I was in the U.S. Navy, I got to visit Melbourne in 1993. What a thrill that was. It has been cool that the Oakland A's have had a couple of Australian players in recent years and one of our D-1 college basketball teams in my area (St.Mary's) always has a bunch of Australians on their team every year. So am I a secret Aussie or just in love with the country:

2014 FIFA World Cup Australia Hoodie

The Australian National Baseball Cap for the World Baseball Classic

The Australian National Soocer Jersey

My Aussie Football Melbourne Demons scarf which I bought at a Demons game in 1993

My daugher got this scarf for me when they had the Silicon Valley 7's Rugby Tournament in San Jose in 2017

Got to love my Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League

Maybe I am an Aussie at heart becasue the ball is always bouncing for Australia in my court:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Welcome to being an honourary Aussie Patrick - you're definitely welcome call yourself an adopted son - we're a very inclusive and welcoming group! And you do hang out with a lot of Aussie bloggers!

  2. Well, look at you! Hangin' out with the big wigs are we... looks like to me you must be Australian at heart for sure. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Stay Strong. Stay healthy. Stay safe! STAY HOME!

  3. You might just be!! That's a place I'd love to visit!

  4. That is one place I have always wanted to visit!

  5. You ARE a secret Aussie!!!! When are you coming to visit? Come stay with us.

  6. Maybe you are a real Aussie? Have you ever done a DNA test? You never know! I have this weird connection (fascination) to England and Scandinavian countries. But I also have ancestors from Wales and Sweden so maybe that’s where it comes from. Cool post!


  7. ...during this Covid-19 crisis, Australia is looking mighty good to me.

  8. You would fit in real well... I love being an Aussie. I was born in Melbourne. :)

  9. Perhaps you're a bit of both. It's all good.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Hope you had a great Tuesday. 😎


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