Wednesday, April 29, 2020

My Kitchen

Just a little tour of my kitchen since I have been spending so much time in there. It is not a show kitchen or a perfect kitchen but it is mine and it is functional and I like it:

And because they used to do it on MTV Cribs, here is what is in my fridge

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.


  1. Patrick, you are so funny! Your kitchen looks similar to mine in the way you have things organized! I keep my bread in a basket on the counter, too. The top of my fridge has been a gathering place for all sorts of kitchen essentials that seem to fit no where else! I enjoyed having a little peek into your kitchen.


  2. yes indeed it is a lovely kitchen to use and to visit

  3. The kitchen is the heart of the home! Enjoy and stay safe!

  4. may not be a show kitchen, but it nice and tidy!

  5. Thank you for sharing with Encouraging Hearts and Home! Have a great week ahead!


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