Sunday, April 19, 2020

Music Monday: Heroes of This Time

Music Monday:  This goes out to all of the heroes of the COVID-19 crisis that we are all feeling the effects of. This is for all of the doctors, nurses, first responders, people working in the grocery stores who are really on the front lines and being exposed everyday as the rest of us are sheltering in place:

And becasue they are all Superman and Superwoman:

And I found this song becasue Nichole Nordeman sings about how teamwork is so very helpful in the wake of a tragedy. Hard times should prompt us to put our efforts to be kind and nice to all humans:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and is safe and healthy.


  1. Thank you for some good musical choices, Pat. There's a song by House of Pain called, "Jump Around" that has become our coronavirus anthem every Saturday at 3:00 when people tune into one of the radio stations that play it with a countdown and then of course JUMP AROUND. It's something played at Badger games. I have bad knees so I dance like an old person around,lol.

    1. I have heard while watching their games. It is a cool tradition.

  2. Great idea my friend! We do need a hero right about now cuz you know what? Superman is dead, so we need to wake up & realize the only hero we have is ourselves & the Lord. I loved your Superman video though those were the good ol' days don't ya think? All your tunes were great thanks. Love the way you think my friend.

  3. Patrick,

    Oh goodness, I thank the Lord every day for these individuals who are fighting a tireless battle while we remain home or that's where we're suppose to be anyhow. My son works in distribution and has been working straight through this crisis. I pray daily for his health, as well as the well-being of his fiance who works at a convenient store. I have two nieces who are on the front line, one a nurse and the other in pharmacy and both have come in contact with those with the virus. My niece who works in pharmacy tested positive but didn't have to be hospitalized. She and her family self-isolated. The other niece hasn't shown symptoms and continues working. There are many others in my family I'm sure who are facing COVID-19 head on then I know so I want to say to these special people Thank you, Thank you very much! You're in my prayers daily. May God bless you and keep you well!! Excellent mewsic theme, my friend. Thank you for reminding us how important these folks are to us. Let's show our gratitude people and remember to pray for these people, too. Have a boogietastic week, dear friend. Stay healthy!! xx

  4. They sure are heroes! I get so angry at the protesters who are making life harder for the medical staff working hard at hospitals. We also need to honor others by a national order to put the flag at half staff!

    Will you be my hero? Please vote for me. I've wishlisted $100 of Dovie's clipart, so I've got to keep up the momentum. 😂 Thanks.

  5. Applaws Applaws for everyone. what a heroes! Thank you for dadicating these purrfect songs to them😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  6. My brother in law is into his third week of hospitalization due to COVID-19 and we've been on the phone a couple of times a day with his nurses (and once with his hospitalist) they are true heroes, every one of them. I can not imagine the conditions they work under and yet are so patient with us and encouraging to my bil, knowing we can not be there to support him in his battle. Our family owes them a lot. Wasn't familiar with the Wallflowers cover of David Bowie's classic. Enjoyed the Superman theme and Bonnie Tyler's songs, too. Perfect theme for this week.


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