Sunday, August 13, 2017

Music Monday: Men Names in the Title

Music Monday: Just another Monday here. Here are some songs with male names in title:

Hope everyone gets some dancing in this week.


  1. Patrick,

    "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" - love it! That was one of my favorites in the day. Anytime I hear the Linus and Lucy theme it makes me happy. There's something magical about the Peanuts mewsic. Christopher Cross, "Arthur's Theme" is a nice oldie. I really loved listening to CC's mewsic in the 80s. I wonder what became of him? Great clip from Happy Days. I don't believe I remember this one or not but I really liked listening to Weezer. I stumbled across Rush's "Tom Sawyer" and Styx's "Dear John" which were new-to-me tunes. I hope you'll join Roy, Steve, Robert, James and me on the dance floor! :)

  2. Bad Bad Leroy Brown. What memories that song brings back. I honestly hadn't thought of that song in years. Thank you for the memories (once again).

  3. Bad Leroy Brown was played over & over & over & I prayed I would never hear it again & ya know it doesn't sound half as bad as I thought it will. Never heard Dear John or Tom Sawyer before... very nice. Others had the rest I guess we're all on the same wave length, but I really loved Arthur. Beautiful song. Thanks for the dance my friend. You definitely ROCK!!!

  4. Unknown is me... Xmasdolly. I'm having issues. grrrrrrrrrrrr darn computer drives me crazy!

  5. Great tunes,my picks are a little more off the wall.

  6. Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown is such a classic. Great picks!

  7. I love Bad, Bad Leroy Brown! Great list, Patrick.

  8. Love the selections and I look forward to Music Monday each week. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  9. Hey Patrick,
    Great song selections for this theme. I love Styx but don't remember their Dear John song but what a beautiful tribute to their beloved drummer and friend.
    I was confused by the Happy Days scene and Weezer's Buddy Holly song because I knew Weezer wasn't around when Happy Days was taping. Didn't know that they spliced in the Happy Days footage for their music video. Brilliant! Loved it!
    I've never been a big Rush fan but Tom Sawyer is probably my favorite by them. LOVE the Peanuts music! Who doesn't??
    And Christopher Cross: Wow, hadn't thought of him in decades! Just hearing that song brought back a rush of the 80s...

    Really enjoyed your post. I'm skipping out on Monday's 4M but I'll be back the following week. Have a good weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  10. Love that Weezer's Buddy Holly made the list. :)
    My husband and I were just schooling the kids on Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly yesterday.
    Thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH!! Happy to have you at the party.

  11. You did a great job with these! Rock out!


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