Thursday, August 24, 2017

SFO Museum

Did you know that the San Francisco Airport had a museum, I didn't either. It is kind of hidden but if you have a chance to take a took, it is worth it:

1929 Aircraft Engine

1940's Pan American Captain's Uniform
1930's Pan American Captain's Briefcase
1930's Pan American Blanket

And they have some cool old calendar's:

United Air Lines-1955
1938 American Airlines
1958 BOAC
The SFO Museum may be small but it is worth getting to the airport a little early to take a look.


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    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  2. Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday linkup!

  3. That's so cool!! I love finding hidden treasures. And what a better way to spend your time when you're stuck in the airport.

  4. Well that's really neat! There is a museum in New Hampshire that has planes suspended from the ceiling like that. Quite amazing actually!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Patrick, Isn't it fun when you stumble upon something new like this? I love finding hidden treasures to photograph. There's an aircraft museum in Sevierville DH and I totally forgot about while taking a long drive one weekend. We didn't go to it but we jotted it down for another time to do. In the same area, we came across an old covered bridge which I really wanted to photograph but there was no place to park and the few spots available were occupied by visitors. We'll definitely try again after tourist season dies down. Thanks for sharing and for visiting, my friend. Have funtastic week. This month is flying away from us FAST!

  6. I have this thing for "flying museums". My very first boyfriend's Dad was the Commanding Officer at the Air Force museum here in South Africa and those old bi-planes and memorabilia still fascinate me to this day.

  7. Patric this is the coolest museum. You have bought back so many fun memories of some of these old airlines. I was actually around and remember BOAC! Your post is my feature this week over at Sweet Inspiration Link Party. Congrats.

  8. what a cool place to visit. When I was a child my parents would take me to places of interest like this. Thanks for sharing
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