Wednesday, August 23, 2017

San Francisco Holocaust Memorial

When I was at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco in May, I noticed that they have a Holocaust Memorial right outside the front. I finally decided to post it mostly because of the events of the past couple of weeks. We must never allow hate to consume us but we must remember what has happened in the past:



We must never forget man's inhumanity to their fellow man and we must always to strive to better and kinder to each other. We must remember that there is only one race-the Human Race.


  1. Oh wow - that is a powerful memorial. Thank you so much for sharing, Patrick.

  2. What a moving experience for you. I visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Houston, Texas; it was so intense I could not do all of it. Yes, we must never forget, no matter how painful remembering is.

  3. Thank you Patrick. We will feature this post on the Blogger's Pit Stop.
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