Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Books I Have Been Reading Lately

Genesis' Guitar Legend
Just some books I have been reading over the last few months. I don't really read fiction, just non-fiction for this boy:

A great read-Not really about his racing career but it is about his four-year battle with concussions and the aftermath of the symptoms and how he tried to hide them to race. Amazing

What a chocolate covered mess these guys were after Jerry died. About power and greed. Amazing what happens when the leader dies.

The leaders of three of the best teams in the NFL in the 1980's
A wonderful book about faith and theology. About being a true Christian with some F-bombs dropped in
The next two are autographed copies:

Bell's book has a great story. He said that he was walking by Pegasus Books in Oakland and saw that they were selling his book, walked in and autographed all the copies in the store, then he posted it on Instragram that he done so. I called and had them reserve a copy for me and I got it. It was the last one:

This last one is pretty cool. I actually know the author. It is written by Malik Wade. It is a story of redemption. Wade was a big-time drug dealer who was on the run for seven years from the FBI for his dealing. He ended up doing 14 years in federal prisons. These days he is out and doing positive things in the community and kids. Trying to keep them from going down the path he went down. He works with my students and I have spoken to him about his life.

I recommend all of these books and that is what I have been reading over the last five months or so.


  1. Those all sounds like interesting books; though I tend to be a fiction fan myself I do find I love reading about people's lives. I just finished Educated: a Memoir and read it in under 24 hours.

  2. Impressive, it is great to have signed copies! I love hearing about when people turn their lives around and make a positive difference for others. #ABloggingGoodTime

  3. Interesting selections! As soon as I saw Genesis: The Living Year’s, I started singing Invisible Touch in my head, now it’s going to be stuck there for a while!

    Thanks for sharing your reads.

  4. Wow, what an interesting collection of books! So many fascinating lives here - I can see you enjoy memoirs and biographies. I am especially interested in the Dale Earnhardt memoir. I'm not much of a racing fan, but my son has had 3 concussions, and I know how serious they can be and how difficult to recover from at times.

    You left this link in the Reviews list of the Big Book Summer Challenge, but you haven't signed up yet! I'm thrilled you want to participate and I bet some of these books probably qualify.

    All that you have to do is write a quick post announcing that you are participating, with a link back to the challenge page so others can find it. It doesn't even need to be a separate post - it's fine to just mention and link to the challenge from a reading post like this one. Can't wait to see what else you are reading this summer!


    2019 Big Book Summer Challenge


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