Sunday, May 19, 2019

Music Monday: A Super Werid Mix

Just a super weird mix on this Monday. Just have been listening to all kinds of weird things:

I know a totally weird mix. Thanks for bearing with me and have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Great bunch of songs here! Jump 'n' the Saddle Band was from Chicago, where indeed "Comedy Classics" with The Three Stooges ran nightly on WFLD at 10:30 PM (presumably after the impressionablke youth were in bed already).

    Peter Cetera and Amy Grant was a nice pairing. Wish they had done more...

    1. I wish the would have done moes tunes as well.

  2. The Curley shuffle used a bunch of different clips see the list here:

  3. Cool selection of songs. Love hearing the P-Furs again.
    Thanks for telling me about The Baseball Project. They completely escaped me. I dunno why. In 1987, I sat backstage after their Radio City Music Hall show and watched Atlanta play in the MLB playoffs with Mike Mills. I'm going to have to listen on youtube. I also completely forgot the Hindu Love Gods with Warren Zevon.

  4. Patrick,

    Your opening song made me smile. I've heard it before but would've never thought to share it even on Freebie week. :) Peter Cetera and Amy Grant sing beautifully together. I'd forgotten about their duet. Thanks for hitting the 4M dance floor, my friend Have a boogietastic week.

  5. Hadn't heard The Curly Shuffle in years. I grew up watching Three Stooges on a local TV channel. I know most of these other songs. The cover of Cat's in the Cradle was excellent - it should be required listening for all new parents. The 80's favorite era in music even though I was already in my 30's. The last song I didn't know but I guess I need to get out and watch more movies. Not weird, just interesting.

  6. This is certainly an eclectic mix of music here Patrick! I love the Curly Shuffle! Made me smile big.
    I also really like Ugly Kid Joe's cover of Cats in the Cradle.
    thanks for introducing me to these new gems.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  7. You never ever disappoint, Patrick! Love all your song choices, especially when they're such an eclectic mix! :) Thanks for the fun dance! :)


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