Friday, May 3, 2019

Japanese Art of Daily Life

I was at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco for a professional development and had a moment and took some pics of the Japanese Art in Daily Life:

18th century

Mid-19th Century

Mid 19th Century
"Bird With Long Tail"- 16th Century

"Three Beauties" - 19th Century
Samurai Helmet- 1615

Bronze Bell 300 BC

Guardian Lion 1250-1300

Buddhist Deity- Achala Vidyaraja -12th Century

Dhritarashtra-Guardian King of the East-8th Century
It was really cool seeing all of these great and ancient pieces from Japan. I need to go back to Asian Art Museum when I have more time to poke around.


  1. Japanese/other Asian styles of decorating are not my style per se, but I do love it all...the kimonos, scrolls, and my favorite, the Foo Dog. Thanks for sharing the photos; they are lovely!


  2. ...beautiful pieces of art inspired by nature! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So interesting how intricate the details on all of these objects are.

  4. Japanese Art is very special in how unique it is. Asian art in general is very unique and therefore very special. We can all stand to learn from their beautiful art. Thanks for sharing #GlobalBlogging


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