Monday, July 16, 2012

1989 Pro Set Announcer Set-Why Did I?

I was walking in the Mall yesterday and was looking around. Normally, I avoid Malls like plague but with kiddos you sort of have to. Anyway, I went in to this store that is a geek store which I have blogged about Hot Toys II and asked a question "Did they have the 1989 Pro Set Announcer Set?" I guess I was looking up Bob Costas on the computer for some reason earlier in the day. This is how my baby brain works and the guy said he did. Well, it was only four bucks so I got it. I remember trying to collect this set back in the day and I have it again and I am a happy camper:

Some of the great voices (from clockwise  top left): Chris Berman, Al Michaels, Dick Enberg,  James Brown, John Saunders
From top left: Brent Musburger, Verne Lundquist, Dick Stockton and Bob Costas
Some departed voices: Bill Walsh, Pete Axthelm, Jack Buck, Hank Stram, Will McDonough, Merlin Olsen
But of course it did include a voice who is sitting in a jail cell and will be for a long time as he should be:

For four bucks I am a very happy camper, saw it on Ebay for $14.95. Guess I made out.

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