Sunday, July 8, 2012

Walking Ocean Beach

I have always loved water since I was a kid. I guess growing up in the shadow of the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay kind makes a water lover out of you. Lately, the weather in this area has been so lovely. Usually we have a layer of fog (that helped the famous Mark Twain saying "The coldest winter was a summer in San Francisco) that stays around, but lately it has been burning off early in the morning and days are so beautiful around here. The other day I decided to go out and walk around Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The Beach is about 3.5 miles long and is along the Pacific Ocean. It does not have a Boardwalk or anything. It is just pure beach and ocean:

The Pacific Ocean
I Love the Plant Life at Ocean Beach
The Surf
I guess I like walking Ocean Beach because it does not a lot of people, so you can walk around and explore things that the water brings in.

Horseshoe Crab Shell
Shells that the Ocean Brought in
Loved this Shell
I also like looking and watching the marine birds at Ocean Beach. It seems to me that they are less aggressive than the ones at other beaches. I guess Ocean Beach gets the mellow birds.

A Seagull
A Crow
But all and all Ocean Beach is one of my favorite places to put in the IPOD, take a walk and chill out.

Surf Coming in
An Ocean Beach Sand Dune


  1. This brightened my very gloomy day, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for linking up your post to this Weeks #RetroBlogPosts Linky. I loved seeing your pictures of the beach and the surf coming in. I especially loved that very pretty shell you found. I am very jealous!

  3. This looks like such a relaxing place to walk!

    1. It is a really relaxing place. I totally enjoy it.

  4. beautiful!! I love the ocean :) It speaks to me, lol. Thanks for sharing at FTAF

    1. Thanks. I love it also. It does speak to me.


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