Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Los Lobos at the Fair

Wow, what a great time I had on Sunday. I went to the Marin County Fair and had a blast. I will post pics of the fair in another blog, but I got to see one of my all-time favorite bands-Los Lobos in concert. I have been a fan of them for about 30 years. I first heard them on some alternative college show when I was a freshman in high school and I have loved them since.

They play the Marin County Fair about every two years and they are great live. The concert is included in the price of admission to fair, so it is a great deal.

Los Lobos  Jamin on Stage
Cesar Rosas Singing
Los Lobos
The cool thing was that afterwards the band announced that they would be signing after the concert. I bought a CD from there roadie ($15 and the band got the money straight from me) and got to meet them.

Cesar Rosas talking
Cesar Rosas and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos
David Hidalgo and Conrad Lozano of Los Lobos
They were all really nice guys and spent time talking to us. I felt that was really cool.

My autographed CD

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