Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oddities TV Show-San Francisco

The Front of Love to Death-The store of Oddities-San Francisco
When I was going to Amoeba Records, the other day the bus dropped me off (In San Francisco, public transportation is the only way I travel) on Haight right in front of the store Loved to Death which is profiled on the Science Channel show Oddities San Francisco.

Their sign promoting the show
I guess that they were proud that they were on the show. I went inside with my trusty little camera to take a couple of shots and then I saw it: A huge sign that said "No photographs allowed". It seemed like there was a sign every three feet about not taking pictures inside the store and since there was nobody in there but the people who work in the store-I decided not to chance it. When I asked "They said that I could look at pics on their website, so the only pics I took were from the street:

A coffin inside the window display

A skull inside a window display

The inside of the store from the street

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