Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Trip to Amoeba Music

The front of Amoeba Music in San Francisco
One of my favorite places to explore and visit is Amoeba Music in San Francisco. I know there is one on Telegraph in Berkeley, but I have always liked the one in the Haight in San Francisco. I guess it is a little less cramped and it seems to better organized.

Inside of  Amoeba  Music
The info desk

When I go I block off a minimum of about three hours of time as I love to walk around and browse. When I go I bring my list of things that are on my wish list. Of course, they have a lot of one of a kind items and a lot of cool novelty items.

I love this

I also love their listening stations where you can look up songs, albums and artists:

One of Amoeba's Listening Stations

I love to go there and just browse around. I always start in the DVD section looking for cool, used (cheap) stuff. Then I head over to the bargain CD's (or we just want to get rid of this stuff) for a huge look see, then over to the used CD's and finally to the records. I browse around and certain things either catch my eye or come into my head.

I already own this album, but love it
My main man.
And of course, you find things there that you would have never would find anywhere else:

I did not buy this
OOH, I almost bought this.
Got to Love It

But this time at Amoeba, I ended up only buying a couple of things:

Hill Street Blues Season One DVD and The Big 80's Soundtrack from VH1


  1. I absolutely loved the Amoeba Records in LA, such an amazing place! This location looks pretty great too!

  2. This store looks fantastic, I wish we had shops like this in the UK.I especially like the care bear one.

    Thanks for linking up to this weeks #RetroBlogPosts


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