Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hayward Farmers Market Saturday

As I am trying to eat better and try become healthier (I am in shape-round is a shape-lol). I have started to try to hit the local Farmers Market on Saturday's. Get a little fruit, some vegi's and whatever else that looks good there:
Yum, fresh organic bread
MMMM. cherry tomatoes, $1.50 a pound
 A couple things I enjoy about Farmer's Markets are the price-much better than the store, being able to ask the people who grew it about the product and keeping things local-which does a couple things, it keeps local people employed, is better on the environment.

Plutos-A hybrid of plums and apricots and good
All the cucumbers you can eat
 Another I like about Farmers Markets is being able to try things that you may not have seen before or have heard of:

Fuzzy Squash
As I get more into Farmers Markets, I am really looking forward to hitting other ones and seeing what delights that they have to offer.

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  1. I love Farmers Markets too and they provide a great way to stay in contact with people in the community. Thanks for dropping your post at FTAF!


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