Friday, July 6, 2012

View from a Walk on the Bridge

I guess I am very lucky to have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of my life. One thing I do is take the things around here for granted. One of those things is the Golden Gate Bridge. I know that seems odd, but it has always been here and naturally I took it for granted for most of my life until about ten years ago when I started to realize that the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the great engineering feats of our time. It is 1.7 miles in length and you can walk over it which is really cool and gives you some the world's most stunning views.

The Golden Gate Bridge
Statue of Joseph Strauss, the Chief Engineer of the Bridge
I always enjoy walking the Golden Gate Bridge and talking in the views:

San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge
Angel Island from the Bridge
Alcatraz from the Bridge
A Ferry boat on the Bay
A Freighter going under the bridge
The Top of Fort Point 
The San Francisco Bay
I just love the views from the Golden Gate Bridge.

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