Saturday, July 7, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge Walk in Pictures

In my previous blog I shared a view from walking across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Here are some pictures of the Bridge itself:

The Clock on the Toll Plaza of the Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge
People Walking the Bridge
The North Tower
People sometimes forget that it is a working bridge. As you are walking you have cars going by:

Cars wizzing by 
The Bridge's Toll Plaza
One sad thing about the Bridge is that many people have decided to end their lives by jumping off. The Bridge District has responded by erecting some fencing in certain areas and posting signs and call boxes if you are thinking about that:

There is a call box on the other side

Part of the fencing

As I have said The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the modern engineering feats of our world. I feel lucky to be able to live near it and walk on it anytime I choose:

From directly below the South Tower
Approaching the South Tower

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