Thursday, July 26, 2012

Need Some Clothes Daddy-O

The Front of Vintage Alley in Downtown Hayward
The other day the kiddos went to a movie in Downtown Hayward and since nothing at the movie house was really appealing to me, I decided to skip seeing anything. So, I had about two hours to kill and was going to head down to the library and read since there really not much to do in Downtown Hayward.

As I was walking to library from the parking lot, I saw this place called Vintage Alley. It looked cool and decided to head in. What I found was a great place for classic/rockabilly clothes.

This caught my eye as I walked in
First thing, I need to tell you is that I have no sense of fashion. So, I may not be the best one to judge a store that sells clothes but I know what I like and this place has some really cool clothes. Also, I like the  classic and retro looks they have for both guys and dolls:

Love the hats
Love this shirt
This skirt looks nice
And they have some cool accessories
Another thing that is cool about the place it has a salon inside the store also:

The Vintage Alley Salon
So, I guess I need to head back to Vintage and update my closet with some classic/retro clothes.

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