Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baseball: Santa Clara vs. San Diego St-2-26-13

I went to the San Diego St-Santa Clara baseball game last Tuesday night (2-26-13). I had never been to Santa Clara's baseball stadium before-Stephen Schott Stadium. I had never been there before. It was nice and modern-built in 2005. It holds 1,500 and an unique thing about the place is that it basically has a net around the entire place as it sits in the middle of two major roads in Santa Clara. I guess they do not want foul balls hitting cars as they drive-by.

The entrance to Stephen Schott Stadium
A view from behind home plate
Santa Clara's Matt Ozanne at bat
The view from the third base side
A swing and miss by Santa Clara's Drew Ozanne
Looking from the first base side
Santa Clara boatraced San Diego St 10-3. Schott Stadium is a nice place to relax and enjoy a game.


  1. I love baseball. My son plays travel ball. I have seen windshields broken out when a car goes down the round at the wrong time. We were in Bowling Green last year and a van going down the road got an unwelcome surprise.

    1. My son plays JV ball now.
      I have been lucky that nothing has sit my car.

      At Muni in San Jose (Home of the Class A San Jose Giants) and at most Class A ballparks I been to parking can be kind of strange due to lots being close to the field.

  2. I love attending baseball games too. It's truly a family thing and we always have a ball. I found you at Prowess and Pearls, glad to connect

  3. Same here-Thanks so much for connecting.


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