Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finally-Evans Diamond Under the Lights

Finally at long last Evans Diamond, home of Cal Baseball, has lights after 80 years. I went to the first game under those pretty lights and the old place did sparkle. Even though Cal lost 4-3 to USC it still was a great night:

Before the game and the sun went down
Evans Diamond all lit up
The view from the third base side
From the first base side
This was from the beer garden down the left field line
And of course I tried to get some player shots:

USC's great freshman hitter Blake Lacey before the game
USC's Timmy Robinson getting ready in leftfield
USC's Bob Wheatley on the mound
Cal's Brian Celsi in leftfield
Cal's Ryan Mason on the mound
Even though Cal lost it was great to see the Bears play under the lights.

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