Monday, March 18, 2013

The First Cottage Food Market

I went to the 1st Cottage Food Market the other day. It is a farmers (sweets) market where local people sell their homemade treats. This was the first one and I must say that there was many very talented people in attendance. Everything that I tasted and bought was just wonderful. All of it was better than the stuff sold in stores and all of the people selling were very nice and took questions on their goods. It was held at the Firehouse Art Collective Building in Berkeley (A note first blog using the new camera-still learning it):

People milling about
Getting some homemade beer
Homemade tea. I bought the White Flower and it was great-Monkeetree Komlucha by Julia Lazan
MMMM-Sweets-Teveh Sweet Life by Sara Moravej
Samples of Five Spice Snickergiggles. These were good by Chickie's Cookies and Treats
And my favorite:

Irish Cream Brownies by Engineered Cupcake-Jasmine DK Shepard
Besides all the great food there was good music provided by a local singer/songwriter named Tommy P. He was really good:

Tommy P-singing away
A table full of goodies
And I just thought that this piece of art from the Firehouse was too cool:

To me the First Cottage Food Market was great. Hoping that this event becomes a regular monthly event as there are so many talented people cooking up great things in their kitchens.


  1. Looks like fun, and lots of calories.

  2. I'm glad you liked the brownies. Thanks for coming out and support local homemade goodness! ^_^


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