Thursday, March 21, 2013

Round and Round-We Go Random

Juke Box Gorilla-Outside Union Square-San Francisco 
I can't believe that this is the 200th edition of this. I never thought that I would have enough things for 200 of these (or I would keep with before ADD set in and I got bored and quit), but I am happy that I have kept with it. Again, thanks to anybody who has ever stumbled upon and read this. Also, a big thanks to all of the people that follow this blog and have made comments.

For this one, I it is just a bunch of pictures that I took and they didn't fit in any blog. Just more things that I find interesting:

Spieker Aquatics Center-Home of Cal Swimming and Water Polo
I saw this dress in a store and thought it was interesting
Saw these beer steins in a window-thought that they were cool
This is what is left after the door on a Muni Metro train fell  off while the train was in motion. I was in the first car, this  happened in the second car.
A 2013 Oakland A's schedule-The braille edition
I like this quote
The view from the Juvenile Justice Center-San Francisco
Saw this in the Haight-thought it was interesting
Back to 60's
This was done by Jeremy Fish, outside the now-abandoned UC Berkeley Extension Building on Haight and Laguna  in San Francisco. I have always wondered about this (and have thought it was cool). I have learned that Fish is an illustrator who lives in the city and is pretty famous
Well, I guess it is on to the next 100.

Again thanks for reading or looking at it.

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  1. Yaaaaaa on 200!!! WOO-HOO! The gorilla made me laugh; the Hello Kitty dress is just wrong; loving that the A's have a schedule in braille; Fish's rabbits are disturbing and Sophia Loren ROCKS!!!
    Looking forward to the Next 200!


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