Tuesday, March 5, 2013

George M. Fox Collection of Early Children's Books

The George M.Fox Collection is an exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library that was really cool. The Fox Collection is children's books from the 19th century. It highlights the color printing from the era-color wood engraving, chromolithographs and early hand-colored images:

Toy Book-Tower of London 1881
Six Mysterious Pictures from Chaos-1878
George Fox started working at Milton Bradley in 1923 and started collecting children's books in 1926. He acquired a portion of the Mcloughlin Bros. archives, who were a pioneer in color printing technologies and children's books, as Milton Bradley ( who brought the Mcloughlin Bros. in 1920 and the company ceased publishing) started disposing and dividing the materials that no longer interested them:

Large Birds by Josephine Pollard, 1886 printed by the Mcloughlin Bros.
Fox donated his collection to the San Francisco Public Library in 1978 and passed away in 1985.

Also, there are many books done by great wood engraver and color printer Edmund Evans:

The Butterfly's Ball-1880, color printing by Edmund Evans
The Diverting of History of John Gilpin-1878?. Drawings by Randolph Caldcott and color  printing by Edmund Evans
Here are couple other selections from the Fox Collection:
The front of Routledge's Nursery Picture Book-1880
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes-1886

Comic Insects by F.A.S. Reif-1872
Animals: Their Pictures, Habits and Uses-written between 1857-1865. Illustrations by Harrison Weir,  Verses by James Bishop.

This was one of the best exhibits I have seen. I loved looking at the old books and I learned a lot of things about the history of children's books. 


  1. Wow! good information to know! gotta love the pictures.

  2. Wow, what a great collection!! My husband is a book fanatic. I'd have to say he's collected close to a thousand. We even have a few that were published in the 1800's. Thanks for sharing Patrick! ;-)

  3. Thank You both. It was a great collection. Got lucky that I stumbled upon it.


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