Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boudin Sourdough Bread Art

I love Boudin Sourdough Bread. To me, it is the best sourdough bread in the world. Sometimes in the morning, I will stop off and get a little round and eat off it for a snack for a couple of days and repeat the process. I know that it simple but I love it. I also love going in their store and taking a look at the animal art they have created from their bread. I have never bought one, but many tourists do. I would have a problem eating it. I just like looking at them and think it is cool:

A clover
Bunnies are popular this time of year
A lizard hanging out
A turtle 
The ever popular Boudin crab
Some more detail of the lizard
A basket of baby turtles
Got to love the bear
Boudin Sourdough. Can't beat the bread and they make some cool art also.


  1. Hey Patrick! Wow, how COOL is that! I'm a bread addict and this makes me love it even more, lol! Thanks so much for dropping by and linking up! Have a blessed week!!

    1. I am also. That was at the Downtown San Francisco Store. They have one on the Wharf that is even bigger where all the tourists go.

      I am also. Who knows I might send you some. Have a great day.


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