Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pro Football Hall of Fame QB's Autographs

Terry Bradshaw
When I was going my autographs I found that I had a lot of members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and I decided to share them in honor that the NFL is back for the 2013 season with the preseason getting underway. I will be putting up blogs with them from time-to-time during the preseason. Also, I decided to break into position or positions starting with QB's:

Dan Fouts
Bob Griese
Steve Young
"Captain Comeback"-Roger Staubach
And being a Bay Area native, the coolest QB in the business:

Joe Montana
Here is one that was really cool. Otto Graham who led the Browns to ten title games in ten years when he played is to me the ultimate winner. He wrote a really nice letter to me:

Otto Graham's letter 
The index card he signed for me


  1. Wow! Impressive Patrick! You have three of my family's favorite QBs...too funny! Wait until I show them this post! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up!


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