Sunday, August 4, 2013

Love My Music-DownHome Music Store

The other day was walking from El Cerrtio Plaza BART station down to somewhere-I forget but I walked by this place called DownHome Music. I point of going in there and it is one of the coolest independent music stores I have ever been in:

If you like records...
As I do, then you would be in heaven
They have a huge collection on classic 45's-like this one by the Dave Clark Five
A little Tommy Sands is always great
And they have some cool albums as well:

One of the coolest things is that DownHome records is home to its own record label:

Part of the music I love
A view of their current stuff
And they do have some cool stuff around the store:

Love the Beatles
Want this so bad-but not for sale
DownHome Music is a place I could spend hours at. The funny thing is that I would have never have found it if I was driving.


  1. DownHome Music. have a various type of music store. i am looking for music store then i got post. that is awesome. Keep it up buddy

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