Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Heisman Autographs-Winners Pre-1970

Dick Kazmaier-1951-Princeton
In the spirit of the first weekend of college football, I am sharing some Heisman Trophy autographs that I had collected. I think I have a bunch more that I need to find, but here is a some. I decided to break this up, the first set are the winners from pre-1970:

"Mr. Inside"-Doc Blanchard-1945-Army

Mike Garrett-USC -1965

Terry Baker-Oregon St-1962
Johnny Lattner-Notre  Dame-1953
Roger Staubach-Navy-1963
Johnny Lujak-Notre Dame-1947
Steve Spurrier-Florida-1966
Joe Bellino-Navy 1960
Steve Owens-Oklahoma-1969
This is one of coolest:

A letter and signed index card (below) from Pete Dawkins-Army-1958

Post 1970 will be coming soon.


  1. Wow Patrick! You never cease to amaze have the coolest collections! It was wild around here this weekend with College Game Day and all! Lol! We're Michigan Wolverines and South Carolina Gamecock fans around here! Speaking of Heisman winners, Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks started off the football frenzy Thursday night a few blocks away from our ministry...that's why I'm so behind with my blog(our church rents out our parking spaces for all their home games), lol! Thanks for linking up...have a wonderful week!!

  2. I can understand that. That is so cool that your ministry is so close.


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