Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Beat/Emergency Arts

Tonight I was going through some papers that I keep blog notes on and found a thing for a place called The Beat Coffeehouse  and Records and Emergency Arts. OOPS, it was something that I was suppose to blog about a while ago and forgot. It is a place I  ran into while just about to do the Fremont St. Experience in Las Vegas. It was really cool and I enjoyed it. The Beat is located in the Emergency Arts building which houses many art collectives. It pretty cool to poke about and enjoy an adult beverage. And sorry if I do not name the paintings and everything. I lost my notes to that:

Any place that has a bookshelf is good for me
Inside the Beat
Their menu
Inside The Beat is (I hope I get this right) is the Emergency Arts Common Space Gallery. They had some cool works by local artists there. I was only there for a little bit and would like to spend more time there (and not lose my notes). Here is some of the works I saw:

One of the studios there.
So the next time you are in Vegas, slip away from the Casino and head down to the old former Fremont Medical Building on Fremont St and enjoy The Beat and Emergency Arts. It is well worth the trip.

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