Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Look at Haas Pavilion

The main scoreboard at Haas Pavilion
One of my favorite things to do is head over to Haas Pavilion on the Cal campus and check out a women's basketball game. I love women's BB more than the men because there is more teamwork involved and less individual play. Just me. I love Haas Pavilion because it is on the smallest side (cap. 11,000) and it still has the college feel to it. It is a great place to watch a game:

Love the low-key sign announcing a game
The front of Haas Pavilion
A statue of the great coach Pete Newell. The greatest Cal coach ever. Coached the 1959 Cal men to the National Championship
Pete Newell Court at Haas Pavilion
Another view of the court
Another view
A view from my seat
Jason Kidd's retired jersey
A better view from my seat.

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