Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Old Time Candy Shop-The Fizzary

I love old time candy stores. Not the liquor stores or the mall places that sell candy. But an old candy store that my mother grew up with as a child. She was a kid in 30's and 40's in small town Iowa and she would tell me about the soda and candy shop in her town. Well, I think I found one in the Mission District near the 24th St. BART station in San Francisco. It is called the The Fizzary and they sell soda in the bottle. Not the brands that we see everything, but the handcrafted stuff under different cool labels, I learned that The Fizzary is run by the same people who created Taylor's Tonics:

As you walk in
Another view
Some of the products
Root Beer Heaven
Got to love the name
Besides soda, they also sell old time candy (stuff I grew up with):

Loved them back in the day and still
These are so good
Pez is always good
Got to love it
My booty for the day:

Got to love the titles
They were both good
The Fizzary is a cool place. The place is a cool throwback, prices are good (all sodas are $1.50) and the staff is super nice and cool.I think it might be a regular stop for me.

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