Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turn Your Trash Into Art

The San Francisco Main Public Library has some amazing exhibits. I was walking around looking for books and they had this one called Trash to Treasures. Artists turned everyday trash into amazing pieces of art:

These dolls were created by Sandy Drobny. It is Fabric woven from plastic shopping bags, caution tape, sponges, vinyl tablecothes, flash cards, rubber inner tubes, zippers, juice pouches, ribbon and duct tape
Garden Flower-Remi Rubel/ Made out of wire, toy car wheel, bottle caps, metal and aluminum can
Ferris Wheel-Viviana Paredes. Made from Foozball pieces, steel
Bus Shelter Bowl-Reddy Libe. Fused tempered  glass
Thank You Bag-Lauren Dicioccio- Hand-embroidery on machine with cloth wire
Pastille Box-Lauren Dicioccio-Hand-sewn cotton and satin
Mum, Fall Harvest-Karrie Hovey-Phonebooks, latex paint, plywood  and sofa legs
After looking at this exhibit I will always look at my trash as potential works of art.

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