Thursday, January 24, 2013

Old Football Books Saved

The 1984 Complete Book of Football
A couple of weeks ago I was walking around and stumbled upon a garage sale in my neighborhood. I took a look and saw these old football books and I asked how much. The lady said she was going to throw them away. I said I give you two dollars for the books. She agreed and I saved these great books from the dumpster:

This book was cool as it counted down the days with the New York Jets before their historic  Super Bowl III win
Johnny Unitas-Do I have to say more
Football Stars of 1969
This was the first year of the true merger
The season after the Dolphins perfect season
And this one is my favorite:

The reason I love it is that it describes some of the chaos of the 1966 season for both the NFL and AFL as the merger was announced in June and they played Super Bowl I six months later.

Hopefully, I can find another batch of old books that need to be saved.

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