Monday, January 7, 2013

Women's Basketball:Cal vs. George Washington-12-29-12

My ticket
Love going to watch Cal women's basketball, been going there for years. It is the best deal in town. And the Bears are good, really good this year as I write this they are number seven in the land as I write this:

George Washington warming up
Jousting for a rebound-Cal in home gold
GW's Danni Jackson trying to a move on Cal's Eliza Pierre
Helping their teammates up
Cal's Talia Caldwell playing some D against GW's Anjaleace White
What is really cool is that after game that the players and coaches are rally accessible after the game:

GW's  Sara Mostafa
Cal Assistant Coach, Stanford all-time great and 1996 Olympian Katy Steding
Cal Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb with player Reshanda Gray
And also they have a great band:

Part of Cal's Straw Hat Band
And the Bears won:

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