Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style from Old Time Stars

Bing Crosby's Golf Clubs
Two Saturday's ago, I woke up and turned on the TV and on a local Saturday morning show, they mentioned the San Francisco History Museum. They said if I went today and mentioned the show, I could get in for free. Well, I got my daughter to go and we went. The place is new and for tourists, but I really liked it. I thought that they did a good job.

I decided to to make this a two-part look at it. The first part is their collection of things from stars with San Francisco and Bay Area connections. It could be that they were born here, lived here or shot a film or TV show here or performed here. They had some pretty cool stuff from old-time stars:

Barbara Eden's "I Dream of Jeanie" costume
Asian Brocack Gown worn by Jane Russell
Mike Connors jacket from "Mannix"
Crushed Velvet Dress worn by Judy Garland
Marylin Monroe's Grey Winter Coat with Fox Collar
A Lavender Cocktail Dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor
A Suit worn by Merv Griffin
A Givenchy Gown worn by Audrey Hepburn

The following is not style by the old-time stars by are items from two world icons:

A self-portrait done by George Lucas
Garments worn by Mother Teresa
I really enjoying looking at all of the styles of the old-time stars. They were more elegant back in the day.


  1. Wow! LOVE the pictures! I love museums and history. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Thanks also for dropping by and linking up! Have a blessed week!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Michell. I love museums also.


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