Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Middle Age and Goofy-A peek inside my closet

Got to love the little bears
I am what you would call officially middle age. In my mid-40's, but I am I guess for lack of a better term -goofy. Even though I have a few flecks of gray in the hair, I still try to have fun in life. It is what keeps me going. I know I don't dress fashionably as some, but I would say that I dress reasonably. Most times in polo shirts, long sleeve polo shirts, button-up shirts and khakis or slacks and decent shoes. No pictures on me in that or anything else.

But over the last year I have been buying some T-Shirts for casual wear, just to have some fun. Usually, I would just go over to Cal and buy a T-Shirt or buy something at some ballpark and have my so-called weekend wear. But since a friend hipped me to Haight St. T-Shirts and like the stuff their, I have been finding more outlets for my unusual (some say eccentric) tastes. Love the fact that I have many different team shirts from around the globe You can be the judge:

Old School Yomiuri Giants (Nippon Professional League)
Got have some Slugwear
Edmonton Eskimos (Canadian Football League)
One of my favorite record shops-Rasputins
Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Nippon Baseball League)
Oakland Oaks (Original Pacific Coast League)
And I must share a couple of my new ballcaps:

2013 Stockton Ports (California League) Five O'Clock Alternate Logo Hat
Just bought: 2013 World Baseball Classic -Team Australia
And my favorite shirt (which many people think is too goofy):

Replica 1992 Lithuanian Other Dream Team shirt
I guess you can say that this is a little look into my style when I am not working. As people say Goofy


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