Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A trip to DeLauers News Stand

The front of DeLauer's
One of my favorite places to go is DeLauers News Stand in heart of Downtown Oakland. It is actually located right when you get off the 12th BART station. As you can see DeLauers has been around for over a 100 years. I started going to it in the mid 80's and would make a twice-monthly trip there every month. It was the place to go to get out of town newspapers and magazines that could not be found anywhere else. Sadly, times have change and more and more things are going on-line only and printed material is going bye-bye. I only make it out to DeLauers every so often which sometimes saddens me. The good thing is that DeLauers some how hangs on by selling more and more books, sodas, greeting cards, coffee, snacks and stuff and being right near BART really helps:

The inside of DeLauers
Another view of the inside of DeLauers
Stuff on DeLauers walls
You can still get Alternative newspapers at DeLauers
And foreign language magazines
They still have a good selection of comics
And other highbrow publications (above and below)

DeLauers is changing with the world, sometimes I wish the world was like it used to be in some ways.


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