Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Ready for Prime Time

I take a lot of pics walking around. And some of them don't make into blogs. Just wanted to share some with you. Also, I need to do this more often as some of these pics are six months old. I think I will starting doing this once a month or once every two months. Making a blog of pics that I just take on a random basis or don't make it into blogs that I think are cool:

Saw this dog outside City Hall in San Francisco
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Ca) giving a speech in Oakland
The A's mascot Stomper pointing the way to a Division Title
The happiest vendor at the Oakland Coliseum-This guy was super nice
People getting on a Cable Car on a beautiful day in San Francisco
I saw this on a wall in a shopping area  in Vegas
Same place as above
This was taken right after Xmas. They had an outdoor ice rink at Union Square in San Francisco
My homemade meatballs and garlic bread appetizer
This is the biggest portable chair I have ever seen. It like six feet tall.
Now, I feel caught up-lol. I think I will be doing this random thing more often.


  1. I just love your pictures Patrick! Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

  2. These are nice pictures. I take pics daily and most of them never end up on my blog either.


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