Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heroes and Hearts

The other day I was walking around Macy's at Union Square in San Francisco and saw an exhibit in the window called Heroes and Hearts which I found is a benefit for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation and the luncheon will be held at AT&T Park on Valentine's Day. The five hearts in the window that I saw at Macy's are 17 inches tall and weigh 25 lbs and were created by local artists. I saw the exhibit and thought it was cool and now knowing what they are for, it makes it even cooler. It was interesting trying to take decent pictures with my IPhone through glass while the sun was shining:

Kimeta Heart aka Saprkle Heart-Natalie Guy
Heart's Aflutter-Wendy Gold
Anguished Heart #2-Robert J. Knight
One Love-Maryann Koshi Yama
And my favorite:

Heart of a Giant-Brit Howard
Love these hearts and I know that they will go for a pretty penny to benefit the San Francisco General Hospital.


  1. just an update: i made your "favorite" heart ;-) , Heart of a Giant. At the benefit, it ended up selling for $100,000 to a private collector. all of the proceeds go to San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.


    1. @Brit-WOW, that is so cool. Thanks for the comment. You did a great job.


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