Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Beat Museum Bookstore

The other day I was up in the North Beach section of San Francisco and headed over to the The Beat Museum. The Beat Museum is dedicated to the Beats which was a collection of artists, writers and thinkers that hung out in San Francisco in the late 50's. Some of the Beats were the poet Allen Ginsburg and writer Jack Kerouac. The Beat Museum has two parts: The Museum and the Book Store. I just went to the Book Store and have to go back to the Museum. The Book Store is really cool, they have a lot of cool stuff:

Inside the Beat Museum Book Store
A first edition copy of "Visions of Cody" by Jack Kerouac
The Evergreen Review-San Francisco Scene from 1957 includes Allen Ginsburg's "Howl"
From 1986-The Last of the Moccasins by Charles Plymell
From 1989-Sin for Breakfast by Mason Hoffenberg
From 1959-Protest-The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men
Anybody who sells Grateful Dead books is tops is my book
And this is going to sound goofy-but they have a large collection of old Playboy mags for sale which I thought was a little cool. The Beats were about freedom of speech and Playboy is certainly that:

An old Playboy-Sorry I did not get the date of it
Part of the Playboy section
Loved this painting they had on the wall
The actual car used in "On the Road" which came out in Dec. 2012
If you have any counterculture in you and are in the North Beach section of San Francisco-Head over to the Beat Museum. You do not have pay for the museum as the bookstore part is super cool.


  1. I love reading. I no longer purchase books because I have a kindle so now all of my books are electronic...Thanks for stopping by my blog. Im now following yours!

    1. Thanks for following. I am still in the 19th century there, can't tear away from books and don't want to get a Kindle or Nook.


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