Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Brigade of Midshipmen Bowl Game Tailgate

One of the cool things about the 2012 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl was The Brigade of Midshipmen Bowl Game Tailgate. It was held in the one of the piers near AT&T Park and it was great. You paid to get in and there was great food stations all around, soft drinks (for alcohol there was a cash bar), a live band and a lot of great people to talk top. It was the perfect thing to get you in the mood before the game:

Midshipmen Caps
Pork the other white meat
People enjoying the good time
Steamed vegi rolls
One of the many food stations
And the band played on
Hot Dogs with BBQ and ketchup
People having fun
C is for Cookie
Yes we are
Navy lost the bowl game, but would have won the Tailgate Bowl.

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